Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Why I loved looking at this?

"Because of the familiarity we feel while looking to him"

we look at the sky when we love, and when we hope for something to happen,

sometimes we look up while feeling sad or lonely instead of looking down to tell ourselves that we are still strong,

we look up while breathing the smell of happiness in a shiny day,
we keep looking up seeking for the moon and the stars every night,
or wishing to fly with the eagles in the morning,
even when we feel the ecstasy while listening to a beautiful symphony.

we raise up our faces for the rain to drop on,
we raise up our faces for god when we pray,

or may be just because we expect the people we love to come from the sky after they die.

for me, the last reason is more likely to be.

Photo by Gary M Dean

©2010 ® DianaSpencer

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