Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sending Wishes To The Sky

Blonde woman looking at the sky
What if i stand every night looking at the sky and saying some wishes as a prayer? How beautiful to feel 5 minutes every night to all the poor, all helpless, and all creatures in this world. I believe this can be helpful. I imagine every beautiful wish or prayer to be held by a star, and everyday stars hold more love, from which they shine and stay high above. They glow every time you smile and look at them wishing the good for others, then from star to star our wishes grow up, and lighten our sky. And that's why i remember the people i love while looking at the sky, either day or night, wishes can find their way to reach them, wherever they may go a cloud will fly to them, and pass a warm hug, or a star will twinkle upon their heads, and pass a beautiful kiss.
ღ✿*♔ܓ..ℒℴνℯ..ღ *♔ܓ✿ღ*♔ܓ..ℒℴνℯ..ღ *♔ܓ✿