Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glimmer of flying wishes.

Glimmer of flying wishes.

In a beautiful morning..
I saw the birds fly,
I saw their happiness,
As wings filled the sky.

I heard their songs
When the sun came
And many rose petals
Were kissed by the rain.

And when the bells rang
The drops of dew
Smiled and swung
Then said "we love you".

® Di

Sometimes we think ourselves happy as we may have not seen the true happiness yet, or due to different meanings for happiness be mixed together in our minds...

But when the time comes to find a smile drawn on your face lasts for a couple of days, and you feel you are near the sky, you discover that what you felt before was not ever related to any meanings of happiness...
Then you notice that if the smile of yesterday lasted for hours, and you found it's traces on your face the next morning, then the smile of this morning will bring again yesterday's smile, and both will last longer.

Day by day as time grows, smile over smile your happiness grow, and happiness following happiness you reach the full joy.... your life is lightened, and your face can shine the whole world ...

If you find what makes you happy, do never ignore it's presence in your life, give it as much care as you can, and give it your endless love, it made you happy without waiting for you to pay back, or perhaps one day it have drawn a smile on your face though it was crying inside..who knows !


©2010 ® DianaSpencer

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