Monday, July 26, 2010

just like a bird

Just like a bird


The heart whispered to

the mind a little word

Then the mind told the fingers what it just heard

Then from the fingers to the papers to the bird

Then from bird to bird, she said, I was referred

The hopeless little heart headed to the rock and sat;

Oh when had the roses stopped being red?

And why had the sky given up on being blue?

Well ,how had the sugar stopped tasting sweet?

And what...what of the praying hearts becoming so few?

But, little soul, you had remembered me through wild and mild.

Now you shall rejoice that,

Now you shall come back to me little child,

Where all the roses are ever red and,

The sky runs in limitless blue.

composed from some poems of "Najma Pirani".

©2010 ® Najma/Diana

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