Saturday, May 22, 2010

my second baby heart "pootie"

This purple photo reminds me of the "swan lake", the famous ballet show, i like the effects more than usual, i may loved those small flowers, they look like a lavender, also the way she sits on the lake's surface next to a similar colored swan, it is so delicate specially with the surrounding water circles, mmmm i guess i like fantasy :D.

Here we go, moving to the right photo, dancing with swans, i can say i love to be kissed by a dancing swan, actually that won't be different from my cats kiss.
Do you know that DianaSpencer was getting kissed by her horse???

Two impressive photos ! as i still believe i am charmed due to my Birth-Stone.
In legends the person whose Birth-Stone is Pearl, was though to posses some magical gifts.
Away from legends and personal thoughts,let me say that this photo reminds me of "Deyanira" the daughter of "Altea" and "Eneo" in the Greek mythology.

As for the photo on the right hand side, it reminds me of my dear young lions :)) , actually they are my lovely cats , i just call them the lions because of the way they look at my eyes and the way they sit, they are so similar to lions and tigers specially when they get angry and when they hunt in spite of my will.
I still cry when i remember those beautiful days, we used to stay and have a walk together in the garden after they finish their playing show with each others and ensure that all neighbours laugh.
I also remembered when my dear friendly cat "Pootie" was lost, actually he was stolen by one of the neighbours, i spent the whole night looking for him in the garden, and at 05:40 AM i was sure that something bad had happened to him, i lost my mind then and i walked in the streets like a maniac, i asked every one, and i entered all buildings to search for him,finally i started shouting loudly calling him, i used to let them know where iam by my heavy keys-holder, day by day they knew that i make a certain sound with the keys,and they could know it is me.
that day i made the sound louder and louder and i kept calling him, finally i heard his voice coming from a very remote building, he was cruly beaten and stocked up there,
i went up there and pressed the door-bell but they didn't answer me.
With some luck i could rescue him by breaking the side glass window of the stairs as it was near to the balcony he screamed from, and thanks to god i could rescue "my second baby heart" then we went home, i hugged him until he slept and felt safe again.

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