Sunday, May 30, 2010

just to please myself

Lavender fields

There is nothing better than Lavender fields just to please me while walking through.

Ever Blue ever lovely , especially in the early morning, while dew drops cover it.

I always loved these places, farms, plains, and mountains.

It was a dream to work for Nasa, mathematical calculations all time, amazing life !! .

But on the other hand reviving my dad's farm again, or constructing my own farm in England ,Australia, or even my love "Alaska" , remains the most beautiful life specially with a white horse and my cats.

Before 10 years I wanted to grow Lavender in my father's garden, but actually I failed doing this because of the climate here, and the only thing I could do until now is having shower with Lavender soaps.

These photos are similar to our farm, especially the parallel rows of crops, i used to go out of the house looking for my dad, and he was always waiting for me between those rows, smiling at me.

I used to walk like this carrying Watercress, tomatoes, and fruits through our garden, i still remember our laughs, and the happiness i felt while being there, especially when my dad allowed me to help him gardening in the early morning, & water the trees, hahaha i was 6 years old, so vibrant and funny i was.

This is carved inside, i still love the mud on my hands, and keen on being in my balcony to LOVE my plants from the dawn time until the sun rise.

So funny are these photos, pure happiness, the right one is similar to me while running there.
My hair was similar to that in the left photo, so light but not blond i mean, and i used to run through the fields to reach my dad, Oriola, and my mom .
:) i was so funny :D

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