Thursday, April 15, 2010

My dream house-a little princess story

There is no doubt that this photo
is beautifull,and really touched my heart.
May be it was just taken during
a snow storm,
that's why it is not clear,but any way i wish i could thank the photographer untill the end of time,he is still giving me a new life every day jsut by looking at this house.
My story began in the earlier ages when the princess was soooooo younge and cute.
In this age she used to live with her family in thier small house in a small village too.
The house was surrounded by green fields,and all farmers loved Diana as she was the youngest sense of humour in the village,and so full of enthusiasm as well .
Diana's parents "Mr.Saad" & "Mrs.Awatef " had only one son,and four daughters .
''Oriola " the elder sister of Diana was extremely talanted such that she decided one day to draw on the wall of her room just to please Diana .
The wall was grey coloured,and Oriola used the white colour,She draught a big house,surrounded by so many trees .
In front of the house,there was a big lake with some ducks swimming inside,and wandering arround.
The windows were opened,specially the second floor window,and a thief was trying to steel the house while the parents were standing outside with the little child .
I can remember it well,it is so similar to the house in this photo,specially the right part,the roof,and the front window of the second floor.
Those were really good days,and the drawing is still there,may be it is so pale now as it witnessed more than 17 years,but in my heart it is still young .

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